Terms of Service

o1 general

By requesting a commission, you are in agreement of the terms and conditions as listed on this page.

I Sarurun, the artist have the ability to decline potential commission requests, especially those that I do not feel comfortable with. Please respect my decisions, if your request is not accepted or responded to, please do not harass me or those that I work with.

To get a clear idea of what I may not accept, please refer to the table to the right.



-Human and Humanoid Characters (Fantasy Races, Kemonomimi, etc).

-SFW Anthro or SFW Feral Characters and Companions. 

-Fan Characters, Characters from Video Games, etc.

-Slight gore, blood.

-Robots, Weapons.

-NSFW, Fetish Related Content

-NFT/Blockchain related content

-Art for use in the training of AI

-Politically-motivated art, Art based on real-world events.

-Violence, harsh gore.

★ The artist, Sarurun has diagnosed social and generalized anxiety disorders, as such communication and turn around time may be affected by such.

★ Respect the artist, the artist will respect you.

★ Until officially accepted, the artist does not owe you anything.

★ Art shall not be used in the training of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms, nor minted as NFTs (non-fungible tokens)

★ The Client may edit finished work in the form of cropping for specific purposes (icons, banners, wallpapers, etc)

★ For artistic edits (changes to the color, lines or additions or removals) please contact the artist.

★ Credit if you post anywhere unless paid for commercial rights.

o2 general payments and the commission process

Payments are sent either by VGEN, Paypal or Ko-Fi in USD. The artist does not currently take any other form of payment.

Payment is expected within one week of the agreed on time. If the client goes silent during and after this period, they will be placed on the ‘soft blacklist’ and are warned.

If they still do not pay after the warning, they will be put on the full public blacklist and will be unable to order commissions in the future.

★ Clients must provide clear reference(s) of characters they are requesting to be drawn. This may include game screenshots IF the screenshots are of high-quality and color codes can be provided.

★ Clients may request payment plans for commission orders over $75, though Sarurun has the right to deny your request if you have proven to have a bad track record in payment.

★ Clients may request edits and changes during the commission process: HOWEVER for animated pieces, once animation starts, any major changes or additions will be subject to additional fees.


As a client, please check the Trello first to see if there are commission slots open.

  1. Submit a commission request, either VIA email or form.
  2. The artist will respond usually within three business days.
  3. Once accepted, the artist will share a few sketches based on the given specifications.
  4. The client will choose which sketch to continue with and request any adjustments. If no sketches are approved, the client and artist may chat and more sketches may be provided.
  5. The first 10% of the payment is sent, and the commission starts the next business day.
  6. During the process, the client is updated daily on business days (when possible) on the status of their commission.
  7. When the commission is completed, the client sends the rest of the money.
  8. Finished digital files are then sent electronically VIA Google Drive or direct VIA email.

o3 Commercial Usage and Additional Fees

o1. Examples of Personal Usage

  • It is OK to use art, without asking for personal, non-commercial purposes.
  • This includes; Using work as website Avatars, Phone or Computer Backgrounds, etc.
  • It is also OK to physically reproduce works for personal usage; printing pieces out for wall-art, or gifting said prints are OK. Selling printed work falls under ‘COMMERCIAL USAGE’, please read the next section. 


o2. Commercial Usage for Merchandise, Print Media

//To be updated

o3. Commercial Usage for Advertisement, Promotion

//To be update


★ Rush Orders (orders that require to be marked ‘priority’ over already pre-existing commissions to meet an unexpected deadline) will be subjected to a ‘Rush Order’ fee, of 50% of the base commission price.

★ NDA Commissions, or commissions that require to stay completely private (Sarurun will not post the final work to any of their socials or use it on their portfolio) will cost $100 USD extra. This does NOT apply to time-gated commissions (i.e a gift commission where the client wishes it to not be shown publicly before the recipient gets it). 

If a commission is NOT under NDA, Sarurun retains the right to showcase the work on other sites, crediting the client for character design.

★ Source Files (.PSD, .Aseprite, etc) are NOT included by default in the final delivery. If the client wishes to have these, an additional fee will be required which shall be discussed at the given time.