Terms of Service

  • Human or Humanoid Characters

  • SFW Anthro and Feral Characters

  • fanart and fan characters*

  • Slight Gore**

  • Robots, weapons and vehicles **

*As long as the commission is intended for personal use only.





  • art based off of, or  referring to real life tragedies

  • Suggestive drawings FOR OR OF MINORS



Clients must provide a clear reference of the character(s) they wish to have drawn.  This means an un-shaded full-body of the character (Or head shot if the commission itself is a head shot).


If you do not have a clear reference, be prepared to answer a variety of questions to ensure the design is properly portrayed. In some situations your commissions may be declined if it is too vague.


Confirmation that the Client has secured a slot, will be sent afterwards if the commission has been accepted, and the next update the client shall receive will be a rough sketch.

Rough sketches shall be given before payment is taken. If the client likes the sketch and approves it, then the process will continue.


If the commission shall be animated, the client will be asked before animation if any changes must be made to the detail(s) regarding character and background. If the client agrees, then animation shall commence. Any design-related changes after the piece has been animated will incur an editing fee starting at $10. 



Commissions are digital files and will be sent electronically, either by upload site (sta.sh, drive, etc) or by email attachment.


  • Until your commission request has been officially accepted, the artist does not owe you anything. Please be respectful.

  • If the client does not respond in two weeks, for both general inquires or payment, the commission will be put on the ‘frozen’ list and if no resolution ever comes from that, the client will be placed on a blacklist.

  • Commissions generally take less than two weeks for completion (but vary between commission types) in the best circumstance (active communication between artist and client).

  • If the artist feels uncomfortable about working on a given piece, work may cease entirely at any given moment

  • If you need the commission finished faster, the client can require the commission to be tagged ‘immediate’ for an additional cost. (50% of the original commission’s price).

  • The Client will be involved in the commission process and updated at various stages of completion.

  • Revisions are free until the final piece (static) or until animation starts (animated).

  • All commissions and prices (sans Live2D) are regarded as for ‘personal use’. If you wish to use your commissioned piece for profit, please read the ‘Commercial Uses’ section.


  • Commission Payments are only accepted through Paypal or Ko-fi in USD

  • The artist currently does not accept Cheque, non-Paypal debit or credit card payments.

  • Payment plans can be requested for orders over $75. Please contact for further information.

  • Please make sure that you have enough money for said commission. The artist is willing to have a week grace period encase something unforeseen comes up for the client.


  • Commissions and Character designs, once ‘completed’ are non-refundable.

  • If you decide to terminate a commission while it is in the middle of being worked on, you are not allowed to use the commissioned artwork in any way.

  • You are, however allowed to resell Character Designs for less or equal value to original price, not counting additional art. Please contact the artist if you plan to do so.

  • When completed, I- as the artist retain- full rights over the commissioned artwork.

  • Completed pieces are subjected to be posted online once watermarked both on SMS and for my Portfolio.
  • If something within reason comes up later down the line and the client wants their commission pulled from the public (social media + portfolio) they have the right to request it. In most cases the artist will agree and take it down.
  • If you wish to keep your commission private from the beginning, inform me before work is started. There will be an extra charge of 25%
  • Once purchasing is finalized on character designs, you may change the design as you see fit, in your own interpretation. Please do not draw on top of my work though. I’d be happy to help edit things for you if you’d like.
  • Reposts to Twitter/Instagram/Toyhou.se/deviantART etc to the Client’s Account is allowed. Please ask beforehand and tag the artist if given permission.

  • Removal of any watermarks is prohibited. (Especially if it is not a commission you have ordered yourself.)

  • Discuss beforehand with the artist about commercial use.

‘Commercial work’ is any work that is intended for the client’s monetary benefit. This includes both active and passive profit, such as;

  • Physical merch like stickers, charms or T-Shirt Designs
  • Cover or Illustration of a printed or published book, or song, sold physically or digitally.
  • For-profit video formats such as Live-Streams and YouTube Videos in the form of Intros/Alerts/etc.

This does not include

  • Using the art as your avatar or header on any personal social media or messaging account. (Twitter/Discord/etc)
  • Downloading and using the art for your phone or computer backgrounds.
  • Printing the artwork to hang up in your room, or to gift as a print to a friend.

No, this does not apply to NFTs as I do not do NFTs of any kind to start with.

Before any work is started, the client must declare if it is intended for any such use. If so, the commission will be subject to a Commercial Fee of 2x the original price.

This page was last updated on May, 19 2022. Terms are subject to change.